Pure Delights in your Palette!

What do you want in 2018? This was the simplest question asked on a social group on Facebook in January. I find January the most exciting month of the year as many of us are high on new starts, new energy, practical and unrealistic resolutions, and yes End of Sale too! Entwined in this cheery fervour, I read a wide array of responses to this question. There were varied replies like –

  • Ah! What about a holiday in Bahamas?
  • Ooohh! That lovely MK Bag I was yearning for last few weeks!
  • A romantic date with my boyfriend at Eiffel Tower. Wow!
  • My kids to be super achievers
  • Aladdin Genie! What say! End to all problems
  • Ticket to Australia or Maldives
  • A Magic Wand
  • A Brand New IPhone
  • A new car and yes a driving license

Well, apart from these, there were conventional responses like health, happiness, love, laughter, good vibes etc etc etc.

Yes, every wish, fantasy and desire was Bang On to add a dash of vibrant hues in our lives. Come On, who wouldn’t love to get a new car, phone or bag? Who would say no to a holiday? Who wouldn’t fancy a genie? The responses kept me thinking what I actually want in 2018. I was thinking of ‘A Dream Job’, ‘A fine body figure’, ‘A Happy House’ and obviously perfect health and love to all my dear and near ones.

While I was about to respond, another disparate thought fluttered in my mind. As I was thinking of big ambitions, goals, aspirations or whatever we call, I was comprehending on simple delights which we experience quite frequently but don’t realise how easily they add pleasant layers to our lives. Yes, as our big ambitions are definitely wished, required and hoped to add new dimensions and glam up our world, how about those mini dose of happy pockets we experience? They are equally influential and meaningful to pep up our routine, add a little imaginations and leave deep smiles.

Talking about the same, I have jot down a few itsy-bitsy delights which add a range of vivid shades into my daily palettes –

  • A light foot massage with calming face mask
  • Maggi and an old good favourite movie. Nostalgia!
  • A relaxed and sensual meal (with good food!) with my partner
  • Having dollops of my favourite sinful chocolate without any guilt
  • Non judgemental, casual and upbeat conversations with close friend
  • When someone unexpectedly appreciates me. Unforeseen compliments! Wow!
  • Long nail art and makeup sessions with myself. Ooh la la!
  • Genuinely making others smile. What a pleasure!
  • Singing and dancing freely without any hesitation. How I love this !
  • Laughing out loud with my dear bunch! What a carefree atmosphere!

And I realized one thing. It was not about spending money, acquiring fame or popularity which gave us pure delight. It is all about how they leave deep impressions in our lives to yearn more of these!

Well, I am no where ignoring the big aspirations I look forward to, I would love to experience loads and loads of tiny mini pleasures everyday to jazz up!

This was my list! How about you? How about your simple delights ?


Oh Spring! Thank you for being here

…And summer is soon approaching clearing the chilly waves and frosty nights paving the way to long days and brighter dawns. Days are turning longer and flowers are so delighted to blossom back in the courtyard. Snow has completely melted and all the greenery sprawled in the region hiding beneath the winter is gradually gliding its path and smiling back to us. It’s the time to welcome greens and to admire warm air invading our spaces. What a pleasure to relish the softness of the weather again! Elated with the pleasant waves drawing me towards it, I open my window just to adore the beauty of this wonderful springtime.


And the first expression – ‘Wow’!  What a lovely sight! The sun is shining bright on me and chirpy birds are merrily swinging high in the sky. While honey bees are too busy romancing the florets, the sun-drenched breeze remains active spreading the fresh fragrance of the weather. I open up all the curtains inviting the sunshine in to my room revitalizing the quiet start of my day. Switching on a soft musical piece, I continue my daily chores enjoying the vivid flavour of this season. The smooth rays flashing in my apartment are calling me to enjoy the presence of the most attractive time of my existence here. And then I am here in my balcony to soak myself in the luminous sunbeams and pleasant weather.

Spring 1

Relaxing in my comfy chair, I smell the freshness and warmth of this wonderful time of the year. Pleased to the utmost spell of the climate, I am experiencing the freshness of the green bushes, gentle winds and sweet sounds of the wind.  It’s such a beautiful time I am having right now! I am witnessing a spark in the milieu which is so thrilled with this new change within. The trees have started growing taller; they are sprouting fresh leaves again. Leaves are cheerfully dancing on the tunes of sunlit waves and umpteen colourful buds blooming is such an astonishing visual delight.  I was happy savouring my senses by admiring the pleasantness of their surroundings after a long and cold winter.

The aesthetic appeal of the entire experience filled me with loads of smiles and hearty amusement of the real nature. Oh, I just love spring! I am purely awestruck with its true essence. Though spring was chasing the winter on a slow pace, it has arrived and the amount of gratification it has brought to the senses is splendid! After the melancholy of the winter, my life smiled at me conveying a very small but imperative thing the change is just as natural as the Mother Nature! The honeyed time in the first days of spring not only made me soaked in the true avatar but made me realise that change is inevitable and it comes in many forms in our lives. Though not as pleasant as spring always, it unfolds a new meaning, new opportunities and new hope.


Life changes are like leaves on a tree. The leaves have their own colour, expression and identity according to the seasons. It’s better to surrender to change as we do to all the seasons. Many times, the only way to improve our lives is to first accept and deal with positivity. Accepting changes means accepting yourself! And eventually every change brings its own spring, its own enthusiasm and its new impact on our future.

Thank you My Spring! Thank you My Small Expedition towards the Mother Nature! You brought me a little more close to the real essence of my being…Thinking of the pretty moments lived, I am moving back to my room beautifying the entire experience to myself.