Pure Delights in your Palette!

What do you want in 2018? This was the simplest question asked on a social group on Facebook in January. I find January the most exciting month of the year as many of us are high on new starts, new energy, practical and unrealistic resolutions, and yes End of Sale too! Entwined in this cheery fervour, I read a wide array of responses to this question. There were varied replies like –

  • Ah! What about a holiday in Bahamas?
  • Ooohh! That lovely MK Bag I was yearning for last few weeks!
  • A romantic date with my boyfriend at Eiffel Tower. Wow!
  • My kids to be super achievers
  • Aladdin Genie! What say! End to all problems
  • Ticket to Australia or Maldives
  • A Magic Wand
  • A Brand New IPhone
  • A new car and yes a driving license

Well, apart from these, there were conventional responses like health, happiness, love, laughter, good vibes etc etc etc.

Yes, every wish, fantasy and desire was Bang On to add a dash of vibrant hues in our lives. Come On, who wouldn’t love to get a new car, phone or bag? Who would say no to a holiday? Who wouldn’t fancy a genie? The responses kept me thinking what I actually want in 2018. I was thinking of ‘A Dream Job’, ‘A fine body figure’, ‘A Happy House’ and obviously perfect health and love to all my dear and near ones.

While I was about to respond, another disparate thought fluttered in my mind. As I was thinking of big ambitions, goals, aspirations or whatever we call, I was comprehending on simple delights which we experience quite frequently but don’t realise how easily they add pleasant layers to our lives. Yes, as our big ambitions are definitely wished, required and hoped to add new dimensions and glam up our world, how about those mini dose of happy pockets we experience? They are equally influential and meaningful to pep up our routine, add a little imaginations and leave deep smiles.

Talking about the same, I have jot down a few itsy-bitsy delights which add a range of vivid shades into my daily palettes –

  • A light foot massage with calming face mask
  • Maggi and an old good favourite movie. Nostalgia!
  • A relaxed and sensual meal (with good food!) with my partner
  • Having dollops of my favourite sinful chocolate without any guilt
  • Non judgemental, casual and upbeat conversations with close friend
  • When someone unexpectedly appreciates me. Unforeseen compliments! Wow!
  • Long nail art and makeup sessions with myself. Ooh la la!
  • Genuinely making others smile. What a pleasure!
  • Singing and dancing freely without any hesitation. How I love this !
  • Laughing out loud with my dear bunch! What a carefree atmosphere!

And I realized one thing. It was not about spending money, acquiring fame or popularity which gave us pure delight. It is all about how they leave deep impressions in our lives to yearn more of these!

Well, I am no where ignoring the big aspirations I look forward to, I would love to experience loads and loads of tiny mini pleasures everyday to jazz up!

This was my list! How about you? How about your simple delights ?


Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

I am back here with another review.


Today I will be reviewing Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set – a perfect set for all makeup brushes. Be it highlights, concealing, eye shadows, blushes or bronzing, we need good brushes to finish our look. Choose any shade, stroke or any occasion, our makeup kits are never complete without cosmetics and its brushes. Whichever product I purchase, I silently look for an option to take it along wherever I travel. And here it is, this cute, little and petite brushes are off to go with me any time. Read on to find more.

Eco 4

Well, I haven’t purchased make up brushes earlier apart from a powder brush and so I have chosen this as It looks good for beginners. There were so many options in my local drugstore that it made me confused and I returned without purchasing any. The next day, I visited again and I happen to spot the Eco Tools brush collection and I really liked this one. Among all, this brand provided the best bunch of makeup brushes in one slot. Since Eco Tools are quite known for its quality, I was instantly attracted and I readily purchased.


The brushes are made with soft cruelty-free bristles beautifully embellished with stunning blue hues bamboo handles. The brush set comprises of 5 makeup brushes –

  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush (Easily be used as a concealer brush)
  • Flat Eyeliner

 Eco 3

Wrapping –


The brushes are neatly packed in a mustard yellow box which is made of EVA material. It basically opens like a book revealing fixed and fit makeup brushes. The backside of the set gives a breakdown of each brush with detailed description. The adjacent side of the brushes provides a quick guideline about day and night makeup.


Price – £11.99


So, how are these –


This is a splendid chic set of makeup brushes and makes it easy to settle in my makeup bag!  These brushes are very soft, dense and very useful. Though they are small in size, they are ideal to apply makeup; however, for many of you, the larger three of the five brushes (powder, foundation and concealer) may not be fine as they are not the ideal size for their intended purposes. But, my tiny hands didn’t complain at all. These brushes will work together to perfect the final look with cream, liquid or powder makeup.

Eco 1

For the better health and hygiene of the brushes, it’s better to wash them once in a week (if you use them daily); simply run the bristles under warm running water and wash with a gentle shampoo or a conditioner avoiding ferrules and handles. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and let it dry.


Here is the quick analysis of all the brushes –


Foundation Brush –

The bristles are pointed-tip for precise coverage for the use of foundation. I use this for highlighting purposes and since I don’t use foundation, I use this brush for applying BB or CC cream, and it certainly works well;

Eye shadow Brush –

The tiny tapered bristles of eye shadow brush are sleek and perfect to apply and blend eye shadows. Now, the good part is this can be conveniently used as a concealer brush which is rightly useful for liquid concealer.

Flat Eyeliner Brush –

Now, this has to be used only when applying thick eyeliner. It will definitely work well when opting for dramatic eye makeup.

Angled brush –

Whoa! This is my favourite part. The angled brush is equipped with duo-fibre and is perfect to sweep the blush as well as to contour. It is so convenient to use; its hassle free, easy and quick! A couple of strokes and you are done!

Powder Brush –

I usually prefer bigger brush for face powder but it’s alright as the quality is excellent and extremely soft to the skin. This brush is designed to give a smooth finish by simply buffing ones face in a circular motion. I have used this for blending my bronzing too, which gave a fine finish.

Eco 2

This is my first brush set and I am delighted with its finest results. Overall, the product is artistically very pleasing. This set is definitely recommended for beginners and is of great value for money.


So overall, good value for money! These brushes work together to give a perfect look for the shutter bugs suiting mineral, liquid and powder makeup.


Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream

So, as I mentioned in the last post that how much I love make-up, I thought why not start writing my experiences with the products I generally use. I love indulging into cosmetics, bath and both products, fragrances…basically everything! Well, which girl doesn’t like that? They are simply the best and the quickest solution to bring out a lovely smile in you! And with the advent of plethora of brands in this industry, a make-up junkie would love to binge on them and experiment their products. (Yes, I am talking about me :-)) Oh, the feeling of trying different shades, fragrances and textures is so appealing! I love it! Oh, its so wonderful!


Yes, there are so many new brands available to us, but to start with, I am here with the most popular, common and available brand – Nivea. Be it a body lotion, moisturiser, cleaning wipes or anything, I like Nivea products. I have always loved this brand for its gentleness to the skin. This time I have purchased a moisturising cream and as usual I am not disappointed at all. I have an oily skin and I usually see products which are formulated for combination skin. I have purchased a few creams in Normal / Combination range which were quiet effective but this time I bought Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream which is made especially for oily / combination skin. Nivea has introduced many good products under its umbrella ‘Daily Essentials’ – Primer, scrubs, BB Cream, Tinted moisturiser, cleansing milk and many others and I really like all the products.


It is suitable for sensitive skin; it is dermatologically approved and works for the skin to stay moisturised, hydrated and nourished. The cream comes in a 50 ml tube and it has an extremely soft and light consistency.

 Price – £3.99 for 50 ml

So, how is it on the skin? I have been using this cream for past 2 months and I am extremely satisfied by its results. It keeps the skin super hydrated, soft and smooth. The first thing which I always compliment about Nivea is the fragrance, and obviously it stands true for this cream as well. It is little overwhelming and lingers for quite some time. And what’s more, just a tiny amount is required to absorb deeply into the skin and leaves your face supple, clean and moisturised.


This cream gives a lovely matte finish (which usually oily skin folks want). This is not sticky, heavy or thick to the skin and leaves no residue or extra shine. This gives a nice surface before applying makeup. The light formulation hydrates the skin without clogging pores. It helps to gives good amount of freshness to enrich skin giving a naturally healthy glow and the mild formula of aloe vera and argan oil provides wonderful skin caring properties.


The slight downside is it remains fine for long hours but then the skin turns so oily! It’s little greasy and obviously it develops a thin oily surface over the skin. So, I usually mixed this cream along with BB cream and it turned out to be fine all day. Oh, yes it also works well if you apply this cream after primer.


Overall, this is the perfect cream for all oily skin beauties.












A New Beginning! A New Era! A refreshing life!

A little life a little aspiration, a little love; every morning is a new creation welcoming bundles of wonderful vivid vibes into our lives.  After the moon fades away in the shadows of the night, the sunshine unmasks the dawn which silently unwraps the spirit of enchanting morning beauty. Oh! It’s such a breath-taking treat to our senses; calm breeze caressing our souls, flower blossoms splashing its youthful fragrance to our moods and bird jingles relaxing our minds. Lovely!


Every morning, be it whichever season has its own sparkling charm. In spite of the unusual and unexpected wind, cold, rains and heat, every morning stirs up conveying something new to everyone. It brings immense variety of unheard, unsaid and unexplored opportunities knocking our doors. Everything looks so new, fresh and young passing gleaming warmth to the entire day.  When soft sun-rays sliding into our windows brighten our homes, they bring a fortune of hope, warmth and love filling our spirits. When we are out of our deep slumber, it’s so important to pace yourself right and cherish the morning presence in solace.  A serene environment, a calm mind and a peaceful spirit, is all what you need to kick-start the day.

But in today’s modern times, we are caught so much in hustle bustle of our hectic lives, it gets so difficult to enjoy and experience the natural splendour of life. Whatever our situations are, whichever phase we are into, our tensions, stress and our shortcomings are constant. Our minds are programmed as such that every morning when we wake up, we start thinking of our anxieties, glitches and qualms of all times. Instead of taking a little step back and loving ourselves, we tend to get trapped up in the unending race of life which ultimately exhausts us before it ends. Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, by God’s grace, our lives are likewise filled with compassion, achievements and joyful moments at various life junctures.  Mornings are loaded with abundant pleasant energies and positive vibrations. Of course, they do not wipe our glitches nor they turn everything in our favour, but if we take an optimistic and beautiful approach to start our daily routine, our lives undoubtedly will be brighter, happier and sane.

Every day’s actions and deeds leads to our growth. Daily, when we wake up, we tend to mode our brains asking questions. We are always surrounded with the worries of the present and mysteries of future. Most importantly, we miss being kind to our own being. We miss relaxing our thoughts, trust on the new prospects and probabilities and savour the freshness every morning to offer. The real call of the hour is to shower a little kindness to our tender mornings. There is no point to rush ourselves too much in the unpredictable hours of the day. It’s so important to craft a modest sunrise ritual by spending around 30-45 minutes of the early morning with ourselves. Start taking small baby steps towards soothing our thoughts and cheering our feelings and then gradually you, me and everyone will see the results.

I am not contesting myself and everyone to get up very early and start the morning before sunrise. Honestly, I have immensely tried so much but I am just unable to do so. Alternately, I believe in waking up on time depending on our individual lifestyles and not being agitatedly in panic mode to start our routine. A few rituals which are lucid and easily augmented in our daily lives –

  • Showing gratitude – What is the first thing you think every morning? That client meeting, menu for lunch or recording your favourite TV show. So many thoughts cropping up in a few seconds! No, never! Try to wake up with a clear mind and just be grateful for everything you have. Experience the humble morning hues of the day set to colour your life platter! As we start to view our worlds with goodness, we are will bring more and more into our lives.
  • Avoid External Noise – In this technology obsessed world, the first object we pick up is our cell phones or tablets and check our emails, reminders, and social media and so on. From the first moment of the day, we are entrapped in all these distractions. Those emails can wait, those updates of our virtual friends can chill, and the important thing is to spend time with you.
  • A pleasant aromatic bath – So, soak yourselves in scented oils and salts even before you start your day? Such a time consuming ritual when you don’t want to miss that train! Really? An aromatic bath is just not restricted to relaxing and moisturising your body, but also manages pain and battling stress and blood pressure. It provides a perfect balance to harmonise and promote the health of body, mind spirit. Just choose your preferred fragrant body wash gel or soap and wash away impurities, negativities and blocks from your cognizance. (And a long and extended aromatic experience can wait for the weekend)
  • Meditation & Short Prayer – A silent remembrance of God in our lives. This is most soothing way to start your morning for each and every one of us! Every morning when we connect with God or guru for 5 minutes, it tranquillises our senses. And about meditation! This is not restricted to sages or mind gurus. A simple meditation by spending your personal time with you is one of the most effective ways channelize your positive energies. Just think of one thought or a phrase and concentrate.
  • A healthy breakfast – OH! I missed it! As we lose water at night just by breathing, one glass of warm water is required to give you the energy to start your day. And about breakfast, this is not a new or a brilliant thing I am writing about. From our school days, we are aware of having a healthy breakfast to keep the momentum moving. But often we do avoid just because of the constant fear of meeting that rush hour. Just a little fruit or that small cup of milk and we are good to go! No! Skipping breakfast or consuming less may lead to blocking your mind power and over eating during the day. A good bowl of cereals and milk, Greek yoghurt, fruits or juice, tea, whatever you like, choose healthy, be healthy and eat right.
  • Spend some time with yourself – You have already done enough in the wee hours! But still you are missing that special time with you! Spend little time admiring you and dressing up, listen to soft music, go for a quick morning walk, cook or whatever you may like. Do what you want to!

The world is waiting for us to conquer all the possibilities; tackle those tough times and replenish your life with happy moments. Instead of counting the challenges the day may offer, let’s start our day with those new young waves refreshing our souls and dressing our hearts with warmth, positivity and courage.

Dress and make up gracefully, Eat and Drink healthy, Smile and Show Up!