Oh Spring! Thank you for being here

…And summer is soon approaching clearing the chilly waves and frosty nights paving the way to long days and brighter dawns. Days are turning longer and flowers are so delighted to blossom back in the courtyard. Snow has completely melted and all the greenery sprawled in the region hiding beneath the winter is gradually gliding its path and smiling back to us. It’s the time to welcome greens and to admire warm air invading our spaces. What a pleasure to relish the softness of the weather again! Elated with the pleasant waves drawing me towards it, I open my window just to adore the beauty of this wonderful springtime.


And the first expression – ‘Wow’!  What a lovely sight! The sun is shining bright on me and chirpy birds are merrily swinging high in the sky. While honey bees are too busy romancing the florets, the sun-drenched breeze remains active spreading the fresh fragrance of the weather. I open up all the curtains inviting the sunshine in to my room revitalizing the quiet start of my day. Switching on a soft musical piece, I continue my daily chores enjoying the vivid flavour of this season. The smooth rays flashing in my apartment are calling me to enjoy the presence of the most attractive time of my existence here. And then I am here in my balcony to soak myself in the luminous sunbeams and pleasant weather.

Spring 1

Relaxing in my comfy chair, I smell the freshness and warmth of this wonderful time of the year. Pleased to the utmost spell of the climate, I am experiencing the freshness of the green bushes, gentle winds and sweet sounds of the wind.  It’s such a beautiful time I am having right now! I am witnessing a spark in the milieu which is so thrilled with this new change within. The trees have started growing taller; they are sprouting fresh leaves again. Leaves are cheerfully dancing on the tunes of sunlit waves and umpteen colourful buds blooming is such an astonishing visual delight.  I was happy savouring my senses by admiring the pleasantness of their surroundings after a long and cold winter.

The aesthetic appeal of the entire experience filled me with loads of smiles and hearty amusement of the real nature. Oh, I just love spring! I am purely awestruck with its true essence. Though spring was chasing the winter on a slow pace, it has arrived and the amount of gratification it has brought to the senses is splendid! After the melancholy of the winter, my life smiled at me conveying a very small but imperative thing the change is just as natural as the Mother Nature! The honeyed time in the first days of spring not only made me soaked in the true avatar but made me realise that change is inevitable and it comes in many forms in our lives. Though not as pleasant as spring always, it unfolds a new meaning, new opportunities and new hope.


Life changes are like leaves on a tree. The leaves have their own colour, expression and identity according to the seasons. It’s better to surrender to change as we do to all the seasons. Many times, the only way to improve our lives is to first accept and deal with positivity. Accepting changes means accepting yourself! And eventually every change brings its own spring, its own enthusiasm and its new impact on our future.

Thank you My Spring! Thank you My Small Expedition towards the Mother Nature! You brought me a little more close to the real essence of my being…Thinking of the pretty moments lived, I am moving back to my room beautifying the entire experience to myself.


Life is a Fusion Buffet…A few seasons and episodes on the platter…

Life always offers a blend of varied piece of everything in assorted portions at different junctions – opportunities and hope, success and failure, situations and issues, laughter and happiness, courage and confidence, dark moments and blues and much more in abundance…

As we walk along our life counter, we get more exposed to different flavours, spices and ensigns on our pathway – we either relish, accept or overlook the spread which sooner or later, directly or indirectly carve our odyssey of our life explorations and craft our map.


So, basically what our existence crave on? What is it all about? What does our lifespan imply? Basically, it’s a huge melange banquet of various cuisines of experiences sprawled all over. It’s a gigantic assembly of different savours embellishing our world. It’s a big bang fusion.

It’s a special buffet treat served to us at all points with different aroma, textures, tastes and arrangements…

  • at times its available in surplus and we can’t comprehend how to maximise the experience suitably
  • Once in a while it surprises with its simple yet fine cookeries, diverse tools and cutlery or  unknown palate
  • And of course not to forget, many a times it disappoints us with its poor quality tastes

Our journeys be it hot or cold, sweet or sour, raw or cooked, the quality of every expedition and appetite of our hopes and dreams depends on not what it offers but purely what we choose, how much we take and when and where we custom – eat, relish, nibble, overeat, feast or just diet!

Simple! And that is our creation all about… It attempts to bring out and fusion about different facets of our being…. And the best way is to enjoy every piece of serving – learn, appreciate, smile and move on…

Enjoy the experience!

I am so fond of various art forms! I simply adore the way the art brings beautiful & unexplored facets on the life platter! Every art gives a different definition, style and skill to its own distinctive system unfolding diverse layers of creativity and vision. It purely allows the artist to pour his thoughts, fancies and fantasies to shape his inspirations. Be it any form – painting, singing, dancing, drawing, and writing or just anything, art is the only channel which gives ultimate freedom to gouge out your theories, dreams and impulses at the same time. It gives immense opportunities to travel and touch your reveries, providing several expressions about what you think, feel and believe.

Power of Words

Oh! It’s such a pleasure! Such an amazing experience to get indulged in it; Practising any art is a great brain exercise in itself. It allows you to soak completely in its true nature and pushes to understand its true intensity of it! And being an ardent fan of so many art forms, I feel so fortunate to especially find myself infused in writing. I really enjoy the practice of propelling my thoughts into a piece of paper and enjoy the language of expression through words. It’s not only a hobby or passion but simply the way of life. A sparkling way to communicate my beliefs and views, a restrained route to enjoy the journey, an open window to channel my thoughts!

But many times when I try to start to pen an article; I just get stuck right in the beginning and I am unable to pave my outlooks and observations. Suddenly, a dense fog of muddles appears in front of me; just can’t figure what to write, which flow to consider, how to approach the topic? I get entangled in my thought process and consequently reverse myself to square one! Though I enjoy the writing process to its truest sense, I still get jammed in the course of action! Why? What for? How?

But then after a while, I started analysing ‘Whys’ ‘Hows’ and ‘Whichs’ and questioned the entire purpose and its meaning. Subsequently, I happened to comprehend a bigger picture, a better meaning to the process, a finer reason behind my ambiguities!  And then I here I am…

unanswered questions - brainstorming concept

What is the definitive perseverance to start / focus / continue a desired task? What do we actually want from the activity? What do we really wish? Oh, wish? Why do we so?

Simple! To get better things; to surpass what we already have and attain higher possessions! To write a better story of our life and to share a part of your soul to the world. We are always in a quest to desire several things in life – dream job, a cosy home, that perfect figure, a cute dress or just a fun filled relaxing vacation…the list is enormous and endless. And still, it is usually not enough for us! We always like to update our wish lists with new desires. We desire so many things, on several levels – emotionally, mentally, materialistically, financially, spiritually, and physically! Oh My Lord! So many!

And usually while we strive hard in the process, we miss to have a clear vision of how to achieve it, we somehow tend to lose that drive to get the thing done. We are ambiguous about playing that new role or travel an unexplored path, or just worry about the where-about. Instead of doing it right, we rather get tensed about the prospective outcome and are sceptical to face it.

Yes, thinking about the result! We start questioning ourselves and analyse all the ‘ifs and butts’ leading us to slowly slack our vision. Why do we do so? It is mainly because of that thirst of succeeding in every job, every activity, and every piece. Why do we thrust to be on the top and stay there forever? Or may be just the fear of falling down? Not that we stop working hard or we keep our foot down, but why don’t we enjoy life in little moments and make peace with our expedition?

Instead why don’t we focus on overcoming our fears and moving forward towards our goals without worrying about the consequences? Why don’t we try to put the outcome in the back burner, and let our efforts take care? Well! If we deeply contemplate about it, the fact is it ALL depends on us. It’s purely on how we want our lives to shape. We should understand and believe that we are the painter of our lives, choreographers of our expeditions and writers of our destiny. No one will live our lives for us. Only we can carve our living and make efforts worthwhile. And that’s what I learn from writing. That pleasure to enjoy the experience; enjoy the journey which allows you to discover new meanings, new densities, new pathways…


Let our inhibitions be out of our way and appreciate the odyssey of our experiences. Whether it’s a simple thing like trying a new recipe, changing work patterns, starting a new hobby or just starting a new blog like me! Nothing should ever stop us! Trial and error is an important part of the process. So bring it on! Bring what you want to the platter! A different taste, a different spice and a little drama!

Relish and enjoy the experience!

A New Beginning! A New Era! A refreshing life!

A little life a little aspiration, a little love; every morning is a new creation welcoming bundles of wonderful vivid vibes into our lives.  After the moon fades away in the shadows of the night, the sunshine unmasks the dawn which silently unwraps the spirit of enchanting morning beauty. Oh! It’s such a breath-taking treat to our senses; calm breeze caressing our souls, flower blossoms splashing its youthful fragrance to our moods and bird jingles relaxing our minds. Lovely!


Every morning, be it whichever season has its own sparkling charm. In spite of the unusual and unexpected wind, cold, rains and heat, every morning stirs up conveying something new to everyone. It brings immense variety of unheard, unsaid and unexplored opportunities knocking our doors. Everything looks so new, fresh and young passing gleaming warmth to the entire day.  When soft sun-rays sliding into our windows brighten our homes, they bring a fortune of hope, warmth and love filling our spirits. When we are out of our deep slumber, it’s so important to pace yourself right and cherish the morning presence in solace.  A serene environment, a calm mind and a peaceful spirit, is all what you need to kick-start the day.

But in today’s modern times, we are caught so much in hustle bustle of our hectic lives, it gets so difficult to enjoy and experience the natural splendour of life. Whatever our situations are, whichever phase we are into, our tensions, stress and our shortcomings are constant. Our minds are programmed as such that every morning when we wake up, we start thinking of our anxieties, glitches and qualms of all times. Instead of taking a little step back and loving ourselves, we tend to get trapped up in the unending race of life which ultimately exhausts us before it ends. Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, by God’s grace, our lives are likewise filled with compassion, achievements and joyful moments at various life junctures.  Mornings are loaded with abundant pleasant energies and positive vibrations. Of course, they do not wipe our glitches nor they turn everything in our favour, but if we take an optimistic and beautiful approach to start our daily routine, our lives undoubtedly will be brighter, happier and sane.

Every day’s actions and deeds leads to our growth. Daily, when we wake up, we tend to mode our brains asking questions. We are always surrounded with the worries of the present and mysteries of future. Most importantly, we miss being kind to our own being. We miss relaxing our thoughts, trust on the new prospects and probabilities and savour the freshness every morning to offer. The real call of the hour is to shower a little kindness to our tender mornings. There is no point to rush ourselves too much in the unpredictable hours of the day. It’s so important to craft a modest sunrise ritual by spending around 30-45 minutes of the early morning with ourselves. Start taking small baby steps towards soothing our thoughts and cheering our feelings and then gradually you, me and everyone will see the results.

I am not contesting myself and everyone to get up very early and start the morning before sunrise. Honestly, I have immensely tried so much but I am just unable to do so. Alternately, I believe in waking up on time depending on our individual lifestyles and not being agitatedly in panic mode to start our routine. A few rituals which are lucid and easily augmented in our daily lives –

  • Showing gratitude – What is the first thing you think every morning? That client meeting, menu for lunch or recording your favourite TV show. So many thoughts cropping up in a few seconds! No, never! Try to wake up with a clear mind and just be grateful for everything you have. Experience the humble morning hues of the day set to colour your life platter! As we start to view our worlds with goodness, we are will bring more and more into our lives.
  • Avoid External Noise – In this technology obsessed world, the first object we pick up is our cell phones or tablets and check our emails, reminders, and social media and so on. From the first moment of the day, we are entrapped in all these distractions. Those emails can wait, those updates of our virtual friends can chill, and the important thing is to spend time with you.
  • A pleasant aromatic bath – So, soak yourselves in scented oils and salts even before you start your day? Such a time consuming ritual when you don’t want to miss that train! Really? An aromatic bath is just not restricted to relaxing and moisturising your body, but also manages pain and battling stress and blood pressure. It provides a perfect balance to harmonise and promote the health of body, mind spirit. Just choose your preferred fragrant body wash gel or soap and wash away impurities, negativities and blocks from your cognizance. (And a long and extended aromatic experience can wait for the weekend)
  • Meditation & Short Prayer – A silent remembrance of God in our lives. This is most soothing way to start your morning for each and every one of us! Every morning when we connect with God or guru for 5 minutes, it tranquillises our senses. And about meditation! This is not restricted to sages or mind gurus. A simple meditation by spending your personal time with you is one of the most effective ways channelize your positive energies. Just think of one thought or a phrase and concentrate.
  • A healthy breakfast – OH! I missed it! As we lose water at night just by breathing, one glass of warm water is required to give you the energy to start your day. And about breakfast, this is not a new or a brilliant thing I am writing about. From our school days, we are aware of having a healthy breakfast to keep the momentum moving. But often we do avoid just because of the constant fear of meeting that rush hour. Just a little fruit or that small cup of milk and we are good to go! No! Skipping breakfast or consuming less may lead to blocking your mind power and over eating during the day. A good bowl of cereals and milk, Greek yoghurt, fruits or juice, tea, whatever you like, choose healthy, be healthy and eat right.
  • Spend some time with yourself – You have already done enough in the wee hours! But still you are missing that special time with you! Spend little time admiring you and dressing up, listen to soft music, go for a quick morning walk, cook or whatever you may like. Do what you want to!

The world is waiting for us to conquer all the possibilities; tackle those tough times and replenish your life with happy moments. Instead of counting the challenges the day may offer, let’s start our day with those new young waves refreshing our souls and dressing our hearts with warmth, positivity and courage.

Dress and make up gracefully, Eat and Drink healthy, Smile and Show Up!