Makeup… And Balance

I just love makeup. Subtle or natural or loud or nude or bold! Whatever it is! I just love it. And while browsing about makeup, I came across this somewhere… And it is so simple, yet so relevant in our lives…

Yes balance. In today’s super pace age, world has offered, opened and orientated so many doors to choose and lead our lives. Opportunities are plenty. Risks are huge. New avenues are manifold. We are our own decision makers. We are running such an anonymous rat race, where in somewhere, we are losing our stability in life. Blame it on tech-slave lives, fierce competition or reasonable and unreasonable desires, we are not able to strike a balance. Be it work-life balance, expectations-reality balance or physical-emotional-financial balance or most importantly time-money-energy balance, we are tremendously losing out.

Well, yes there is no symmetry between the above quote about ‘makeup’ and balance in ‘life’. However, when I read this, my mind wandered (like always!), Examining our way of life. We need to break up with the daily grind we play with ourselves, evaluate our life geography and attempt to balance it out. In this crazy hustle bustle noise, it is the need of the hour.

So when are busy making a statement, rather than lips being extra bold, it is better to remain quiet. Right?

It is so simple you see ;-p

While, I dab my makeup brushes into my flushy blush and mark an extra stroke to my mascara, let me also evaluate how to chance upon my mundane life sprawling with impending commitments on one side and my sweet little homely world on other. Yes, it is eternally simple to write, enkindle and motivate, let me try my hands on to ‘actually’ do it!



A letter to my Soul

To My Feathered Soul,

Here is what I want to say……..

I don’t think I am a bad person, but I am not happy with myself.

I indulge in chocolates often, but I am not happy with myself.

There is sunshine, spring flowers and chirpy birds in my courtyard, but I am not happy with myself.

Why ?

Traveling through the chaotic shores of life, there is this constant noise muddling in me. I am unnecessarily immersed in aimless thoughts which pay me nowhere. I hop in and hop out almost everywhere without getting a jack! My endless explorations in the woods, in the chores or in my existence serves me to dawdle all the time. All the time!

Does this reflect that I am not in sync with the environment I am set into ?

My life palette is filled with different hues; rewarding and challenging in its own way. But I don’t know what to do with these blooms. Do I need a different shade to glorify my life canvas? Do I need a different sequence of sprouting colours to intensify my life frameworks? Or do I need to simply sway to the spread of different tones and timbres of my being?

I am somewhere not able to enjoy my life moments. Things are fine at my end, no issues, no hitches, no qualms about anything. But I am lost somewhere. I am perplexed by the kind of opinions, options and odds I face everyday. I need open ground to unwind my contradictory musings which I hit everytime. I need to better pull up my sleeves and be ready to smack the obstacles.

Sounds easy right!?!

But before that I need to genuinely evaluate what my obstacles are? Where do they come from? How are they controlling me? Are they real? Virtual? Superficial? Or nothing, just floating down the river without any direction, aim and orientation.

Or may be somewhere, without my consent, I am subconsciously looking for people’s approval, acceptance and appreciation of my daily deeds. Really? Oh Lord, I am so confused!

Oh my dear soul, please help. Give me a way. Make me understand the real factors lying beneath my unsolved queries. Let me know where I am stuck!

Waiting in anticipation.

Yours truly

A Wandering Mind

Strong strings of affection, attachment and admiration. BUT?!?!?!

Isn’t it really scary to get close to anyone these days? Do you find it discouraging to get attached / intimate to people? Do you think people who really matter to you are TOO busy for you?
Well, I am not talking about immediate family here. There is a different equilibrium attached to those relations. I am directly referring to those with whom you have built special ties in these years; it could be your friends, cousins, dear colleagues or even real confidants. Though we do have our own share of ‘real close people’ in our life, to whom we can pour our heart out, to whom we can genuinely talk whatever we want, to whom we can simply relate, BUT at times they do stay away from us. I am not doubting the relation, the affinity is just so real. The association is much beyond love, it has a strong string of mutual attachment, affection and admiration. Pure, Authentic, Untouched! And m glad that I have one!

Even though you know that they are the best people you can have, they don’t seem to be around when you really want them. Why?? I know it is contradictory, confusing and confounding as I am referring to ‘best people’ and they still dont seem to be ‘Always There’.

It is not that they dont


to be there or they aren’t bothered, BUT there seems to be some kind of vaccum somewhere

in relationships. What is it?

It might seem that I am venting my heart out on this platform, BUT I know that I am not alone. There would be times when you reach your people you really want to, but they are explicitly away from you. Let me not blame those reasons like distance, assumptions or busy schedules.

BUT honestly, when you just need that someone it becomes sooooooo difficult to communicate and be in touch on regular basis. You try for the longest time, BUT after repeated attempts you come back at Square One.

And it hurts. Genuinely hurts!

Yes, there are chances that are fervently busy, BUT they are essential at that particular time. Again it doesn’t mean that they are required in the time of distress, they are just needed to be around. But why there is lack time… always? Why they are not available?

You are fond of them, value them and share a deep bond. BUT Occasionally I wonder if I am being unreasonable! Shall I take a step aback? Am I pushing too much? And most importantly am I making a fool out of myself.

At the other end of the shore, I know that my pal is not avoiding or ignoring me, he/she just can’t be around whenever I want to. BUT do they understand underlying feeling about the entire episode? What would they feel if they experience the same phase?

Why does this happen? Why is it so disheartening?

Well, I am not very sure about what the real fact is, BUT!! May be somewhere we get overwhelmed by the relationships/friendships we have, bonds we share, harmony we enjoy. May be somewhere down the line, we start taking things for granted. May be somewhere we feel that these ties are set according to our mental sequence as the rapport is so pristine.

In addition to the above, I also feel that our unassumingly frenzied, hectic and chaotic life has taken over totality. We as humans are so overburdened with life at the expense of relations which matter the most.

However I am not totally convinced! On one hand we boast that the bond is so real, genuine and strong, and on the other hand we can’t make time for it! Am I asking too much? Are my expectations exceeding reality? Or are my relationships camouflaged? Oops! That’s mystifying!

Hope I get the answer someday! In the meanwhile, let me get hooked to my pal through What’s app. ‘Hey Hi. What’s up?’

Let’s see how far the conversation goes…

Nostalgic Nostalgia


Well, last month I wrote a piece on simple pure delights filling our lives with umpteen pleasure. Things which give us basic happiness, be it as simple as a foot massage or as rewarding as dancing without any hesitation.

Aah! I finished writing my article and when I re-read it couple of times after posting, my thoughts stuck to one of the points ‘Maggi and an old good favourite movie. NOSTALGIA!!!’ for quite a long time!

Nostalgia! Nostalgia! Nostalgia!

We have read so many times about thinking of the past, living in the past, dwelling and sulking in the past. Many articles have clearly pointed out about their cons and how they eat up our time offering nothing. But, there is a clear thick line between them and nostalgia. While others tend to make us low, nostalgia is a simple effort to reminisce the good old days and associations, linger onto fond memories and recalling our sweet past without any hesitation or guilt.

Once considered as a psychological disorder, nostalgia is now believed to be a powerful tool enhancing and improving your mood as it takes you to your sweet past souvenirs (though temporarily!). In this maddening world, where you are constantly chasing your undefined deadlines, your fascinating dreams and unending pleasures, a break ‘for’ the past, becomes a piece of sunshine in a dull cloudy atmosphere.

When I think what makes me feel nostalgic, obviously it’s all about my childhood. Being a typical 90’s kid, all I can think of those sing and dance Bollywood songs, weekend sessions of Maggi with my sis, summer holidays, annual school competition and plenty of others.

While there are several articles about 90s Indian kid for you to entertain, I caught five senses which walks me down memory lane. And here they are –

‘We’ Alert – wherever I have addressed ‘we’, it simply means my younger sister and me. My Nostalgia trip is incomplete without her mention 🙂

Taste – That fresh, spicy and raw mango pickle & Maggi!


It reminds me of my sunny summer holidays, when mom used to make fresh, ready to eat mango pickle which we relished with every summer meal. My sister and me used to prick a few mangoes from a huge mango tree in my neighborhood! Oh that joy would never be attained.


And nothing beats those long curly yellow soupy strands adorning the weekends! Yes, it’s Maggi!

Vision – Those cartoon series from TV or comic books.

Disney, Tom and Jerry, Supandi, Champak, Chacha Chowdhury! The lists endless. We used to be glued to TV screens almost every evening and borrowed so many books from the community library on Saturdays. These were the main motivation to finish our home work on time!


Hearing – My favourite 90s Bollywood songs

This is the best one! The perfect memories of my childhood. Can’t get over it, in fact don’t want to get over it. There are plenty of songs so don’t want to name any, but the rhythm, beats and lyrics of sweet 90s Bollywood songs can easily transcend me to those childhood evenings when we used to plug in to the cassettes and listen till our mom scolded!


Smell – Fresh whip of International Lux and marigold flowers

Hahaha! It was that time of the golden era when using Lux was a luxury! Keeping Rexona, Medimix, lifebuoy, Cinthol aside, indulging in a Lux bath was not less than a lavish indulgence. And Marigold! Ooh la la! Any wedding was incomplete without it! Those long loops of marigold embellishing the wedding hall, entrance, Mandap!! Wow! These days it has been drastically replaced by rosy roses, orchids, lilies n many other exotic flowers, but nothing could beat the golden drape of marigold!


Touch – That angelic touch of your parents and grandparents

Those blessed times! A lovely night, Grandmaa’s lap and her lullaby. Maths exam the next day, sleepless hours and parents assurance touch that it will be fine! The Best!


Well, this was my list of sweet innocent fun. How about yours ?

Pure Delights in your Palette!

What do you want in 2018? This was the simplest question asked on a social group on Facebook in January. I find January the most exciting month of the year as many of us are high on new starts, new energy, practical and unrealistic resolutions, and yes End of Sale too! Entwined in this cheery fervour, I read a wide array of responses to this question. There were varied replies like –

  • Ah! What about a holiday in Bahamas?
  • Ooohh! That lovely MK Bag I was yearning for last few weeks!
  • A romantic date with my boyfriend at Eiffel Tower. Wow!
  • My kids to be super achievers
  • Aladdin Genie! What say! End to all problems
  • Ticket to Australia or Maldives
  • A Magic Wand
  • A Brand New IPhone
  • A new car and yes a driving license

Well, apart from these, there were conventional responses like health, happiness, love, laughter, good vibes etc etc etc.

Yes, every wish, fantasy and desire was Bang On to add a dash of vibrant hues in our lives. Come On, who wouldn’t love to get a new car, phone or bag? Who would say no to a holiday? Who wouldn’t fancy a genie? The responses kept me thinking what I actually want in 2018. I was thinking of ‘A Dream Job’, ‘A fine body figure’, ‘A Happy House’ and obviously perfect health and love to all my dear and near ones.

While I was about to respond, another disparate thought fluttered in my mind. As I was thinking of big ambitions, goals, aspirations or whatever we call, I was comprehending on simple delights which we experience quite frequently but don’t realise how easily they add pleasant layers to our lives. Yes, as our big ambitions are definitely wished, required and hoped to add new dimensions and glam up our world, how about those mini dose of happy pockets we experience? They are equally influential and meaningful to pep up our routine, add a little imaginations and leave deep smiles.

Talking about the same, I have jot down a few itsy-bitsy delights which add a range of vivid shades into my daily palettes –

  • A light foot massage with calming face mask
  • Maggi and an old good favourite movie. Nostalgia!
  • A relaxed and sensual meal (with good food!) with my partner
  • Having dollops of my favourite sinful chocolate without any guilt
  • Non judgemental, casual and upbeat conversations with close friend
  • When someone unexpectedly appreciates me. Unforeseen compliments! Wow!
  • Long nail art and makeup sessions with myself. Ooh la la!
  • Genuinely making others smile. What a pleasure!
  • Singing and dancing freely without any hesitation. How I love this !
  • Laughing out loud with my dear bunch! What a carefree atmosphere!

And I realized one thing. It was not about spending money, acquiring fame or popularity which gave us pure delight. It is all about how they leave deep impressions in our lives to yearn more of these!

Well, I am no where ignoring the big aspirations I look forward to, I would love to experience loads and loads of tiny mini pleasures everyday to jazz up!

This was my list! How about you? How about your simple delights ?