Devdas… A cinematic feast for movie enthusiasts

An uneventful Friday evening. A quick simple meal. Lousy weather. No plans for the weekend. Irked with social media. So what next? Switch to Best Old Company – Lazy couch & TV Remote…

And I am bored of watching the same old Bollywood songs and movies on various channels on repeat mode. Nothing new to offer. So while surfing TV Channels, I was hoping to watch something interesting or catch up a new movie, but my hunt to spend a good evening showed no sign. Nevertheless, after browsing few more channels, though repeated, though watched numerous times, I tumbled upon Devdas (2002) film. Thankfully!!

I missed almost an hour of the film, but that high voltage powerful scene sequence between Kaushalya and Sumitra during Kumud’s baby shower was enough to grab my attention, desire and willingness to watch the movie again. Over the top performances from all the lead and character actors, larger than life visual impact, spectacular sets, sensational choreography, rich in creative details, mesmerising music and heart-stirring dialogues!! Lord, so much bundled in just one movie. Outstanding!!

You would be wondering why am I writing about this movie after 16 odd years! Yeah, I wondered too while choosing this topic. But come on! The more I watch Devdas, the more I wonder in astonishment! What a fine work of art, what a huge canvas of creativity that it is certainly beyond Bollywood. A real pure cinema for movie goers.

It’s been ages that I have come across a movie like Devdas. So many emotions, such a refined visual delight, high impact drama draped beautifully for its viewers. Quite hard to pick another movie like this in recent years. Yes, at times I felt that those larger than life sets, stunning costume and jewelry were beyond mental agility, but the main point is they never overshadowed the real story. The sets were aligned with the intensity of the characters. The opulence of costume and designs matched the beauty of Paro and Chandramukhi.

For someone who really enjoys Hindi Cinema, this is palpably a master piece. It is more than just entertainment. I feel every inch of movie frame was designed to impress my senses. I haven’t watched a high intense drama which gets you so involved. I have loved so many other movies in the past and present, but come on, this is extra special.

Yes, the main credit definitely goes to the Captain of the Ship – Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His imagination, understanding and vision of world class cinema has paved off to him and his dear audience. He has handled every single scene so artistically breathtaking, that one would want to spill over the charismatic mood of 3 hours long magnum opus. But not to forget the entire crew of Devdas who have actually rendered their soul to make this movie so incredible. I don’t want to name anyone or two in particular, just the entire crew, from actors to musicians, art director to technical crew, cinematographer to loads of spot boys. Everyone is to be applauded as they were part of a great soulful cinema.

There were couple of twists in the original tale, but it was worth it. Who would want to miss ‘Dola Re Dola’! Isn’t it?

Phew! What a movie. Friday evening well spent! Quite, enthralled and awed. Cynosure to my senses.

Would love to indulge again 🙂


Makeup… And Balance

I just love makeup. Subtle or natural or loud or nude or bold! Whatever it is! I just love it. And while browsing about makeup, I came across this somewhere… And it is so simple, yet so relevant in our lives…

Yes balance. In today’s super pace age, world has offered, opened and orientated so many doors to choose and lead our lives. Opportunities are plenty. Risks are huge. New avenues are manifold. We are our own decision makers. We are running such an anonymous rat race, where in somewhere, we are losing our stability in life. Blame it on tech-slave lives, fierce competition or reasonable and unreasonable desires, we are not able to strike a balance. Be it work-life balance, expectations-reality balance or physical-emotional-financial balance or most importantly time-money-energy balance, we are tremendously losing out.

Well, yes there is no symmetry between the above quote about ‘makeup’ and balance in ‘life’. However, when I read this, my mind wandered (like always!), Examining our way of life. We need to break up with the daily grind we play with ourselves, evaluate our life geography and attempt to balance it out. In this crazy hustle bustle noise, it is the need of the hour.

So when are busy making a statement, rather than lips being extra bold, it is better to remain quiet. Right?

It is so simple you see ;-p

While, I dab my makeup brushes into my flushy blush and mark an extra stroke to my mascara, let me also evaluate how to chance upon my mundane life sprawling with impending commitments on one side and my sweet little homely world on other. Yes, it is eternally simple to write, enkindle and motivate, let me try my hands on to ‘actually’ do it!