That special bond. Do you have one ?

Of late, I have been a regular reader on WordPress. I joined WordPress to indulge in my long lost literary world and improving my writing skills (which is certainly on). But to my surprise, I am spending most of the time on WordPress reading varied realms of articles from a variety of bloggers. Whenever I start penning down my thoughts, my curious mind automatically shifts to the ‘tags’ to get the insights of good minds. The more I hunt for posts, more I get ‘lost’ in them.

When I say ‘good minds’, I am not referring to well worded articles, interesting topics or striking the right chords in writing arena. I mean to read different opinions, overwhelmed feelings, life adventures and much more. Relationships, lifestyle choices and soul searching experiences grab my attention. I get more inclined when I read these topics which rubs the emotional side of the brain than browsing knowledge reservoirs of the mind.

However, in the process of interpreting these posts I have realised that mostly everyone is looking out for one important facet of life – good, trustworthy and deep relationships. I am not restricting it to strong chords between couples, but someone who is really close to your senses – a loyal friend, an ardent confidante or a peachy well wisher. The relation could be anything from couples, friends, cousins, sisters.. anyone.


Be it on WordPress, books or even our daily conversations. Somewhere deep within, we humans are in constant search to find that one special bond, that one supporting shoulder, that one bright smile. How wonderful would it be if we had one true-blue with whom we can pour our hearts out, share our mind space and connect to the soul. Wow!! In this mad world, where our minds are constantly bewildered by lawless pursuit of life, having a forever friend is a delight!

But then, why don’t we get one? If almost everyone wants that special someone, why are we left alone? I read this article a couple of days ago, where a dear blogger was sadly venting her issues and wished if someone would be there for her. In a separate incident, my colleague is being little ‘lonely’ these days and I really know that she needs a supportive cushion. Yes, there are plenty of us, who would boast of having real gems in our lives, but are we not reluctant at times?

Are we shying away to open our hearts, are we not confident enough to share our inner thoughts or are we staying so aloof in our lives, that we don’t have any special companion? I fail to completely understand. If everyone is searching for the same bond, why don’t we help each other? Why don’t we understand? Why? Do we hide ourselves even when we want to reveal? Is trust a main issue?

Hmmmmmmmmm… This thought really captures my mind. If you and I want a good friend to be on our side, why dont we get along? Let me have this thought in my mind this weekend. While hitting my weekend chores, let me seep in to these thoughts, let me…

Devdas… A cinematic feast for movie enthusiasts

An uneventful Friday evening. A quick simple meal. Lousy weather. No plans for the weekend. Irked with social media. So what next? Switch to Best Old Company – Lazy couch & TV Remote…

And I am bored of watching the same old Bollywood songs and movies on various channels on repeat mode. Nothing new to offer. So while surfing TV Channels, I was hoping to watch something interesting or catch up a new movie, but my hunt to spend a good evening showed no sign. Nevertheless, after browsing few more channels, though repeated, though watched numerous times, I tumbled upon Devdas (2002) film. Thankfully!!

I missed almost an hour of the film, but that high voltage powerful scene sequence between Kaushalya and Sumitra during Kumud’s baby shower was enough to grab my attention, desire and willingness to watch the movie again. Over the top performances from all the lead and character actors, larger than life visual impact, spectacular sets, sensational choreography, rich in creative details, mesmerising music and heart-stirring dialogues!! Lord, so much bundled in just one movie. Outstanding!!

You would be wondering why am I writing about this movie after 16 odd years! Yeah, I wondered too while choosing this topic. But come on! The more I watch Devdas, the more I wonder in astonishment! What a fine work of art, what a huge canvas of creativity that it is certainly beyond Bollywood. A real pure cinema for movie goers.

It’s been ages that I have come across a movie like Devdas. So many emotions, such a refined visual delight, high impact drama draped beautifully for its viewers. Quite hard to pick another movie like this in recent years. Yes, at times I felt that those larger than life sets, stunning costume and jewelry were beyond mental agility, but the main point is they never overshadowed the real story. The sets were aligned with the intensity of the characters. The opulence of costume and designs matched the beauty of Paro and Chandramukhi.

For someone who really enjoys Hindi Cinema, this is palpably a master piece. It is more than just entertainment. I feel every inch of movie frame was designed to impress my senses. I haven’t watched a high intense drama which gets you so involved. I have loved so many other movies in the past and present, but come on, this is extra special.

Yes, the main credit definitely goes to the Captain of the Ship – Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His imagination, understanding and vision of world class cinema has paved off to him and his dear audience. He has handled every single scene so artistically breathtaking, that one would want to spill over the charismatic mood of 3 hours long magnum opus. But not to forget the entire crew of Devdas who have actually rendered their soul to make this movie so incredible. I don’t want to name anyone or two in particular, just the entire crew, from actors to musicians, art director to technical crew, cinematographer to loads of spot boys. Everyone is to be applauded as they were part of a great soulful cinema.

There were couple of twists in the original tale, but it was worth it. Who would want to miss ‘Dola Re Dola’! Isn’t it?

Phew! What a movie. Friday evening well spent! Quite, enthralled and awed. Cynosure to my senses.

Would love to indulge again 🙂

Makeup… And Balance

I just love makeup. Subtle or natural or loud or nude or bold! Whatever it is! I just love it. And while browsing about makeup, I came across this somewhere… And it is so simple, yet so relevant in our lives…

Yes balance. In today’s super pace age, world has offered, opened and orientated so many doors to choose and lead our lives. Opportunities are plenty. Risks are huge. New avenues are manifold. We are our own decision makers. We are running such an anonymous rat race, where in somewhere, we are losing our stability in life. Blame it on tech-slave lives, fierce competition or reasonable and unreasonable desires, we are not able to strike a balance. Be it work-life balance, expectations-reality balance or physical-emotional-financial balance or most importantly time-money-energy balance, we are tremendously losing out.

Well, yes there is no symmetry between the above quote about ‘makeup’ and balance in ‘life’. However, when I read this, my mind wandered (like always!), Examining our way of life. We need to break up with the daily grind we play with ourselves, evaluate our life geography and attempt to balance it out. In this crazy hustle bustle noise, it is the need of the hour.

So when are busy making a statement, rather than lips being extra bold, it is better to remain quiet. Right?

It is so simple you see ;-p

While, I dab my makeup brushes into my flushy blush and mark an extra stroke to my mascara, let me also evaluate how to chance upon my mundane life sprawling with impending commitments on one side and my sweet little homely world on other. Yes, it is eternally simple to write, enkindle and motivate, let me try my hands on to ‘actually’ do it!


A letter to my Soul

To My Feathered Soul,

Here is what I want to say……..

I don’t think I am a bad person, but I am not happy with myself.

I indulge in chocolates often, but I am not happy with myself.

There is sunshine, spring flowers and chirpy birds in my courtyard, but I am not happy with myself.

Why ?

Traveling through the chaotic shores of life, there is this constant noise muddling in me. I am unnecessarily immersed in aimless thoughts which pay me nowhere. I hop in and hop out almost everywhere without getting a jack! My endless explorations in the woods, in the chores or in my existence serves me to dawdle all the time. All the time!

Does this reflect that I am not in sync with the environment I am set into ?

My life palette is filled with different hues; rewarding and challenging in its own way. But I don’t know what to do with these blooms. Do I need a different shade to glorify my life canvas? Do I need a different sequence of sprouting colours to intensify my life frameworks? Or do I need to simply sway to the spread of different tones and timbres of my being?

I am somewhere not able to enjoy my life moments. Things are fine at my end, no issues, no hitches, no qualms about anything. But I am lost somewhere. I am perplexed by the kind of opinions, options and odds I face everyday. I need open ground to unwind my contradictory musings which I hit everytime. I need to better pull up my sleeves and be ready to smack the obstacles.

Sounds easy right!?!

But before that I need to genuinely evaluate what my obstacles are? Where do they come from? How are they controlling me? Are they real? Virtual? Superficial? Or nothing, just floating down the river without any direction, aim and orientation.

Or may be somewhere, without my consent, I am subconsciously looking for people’s approval, acceptance and appreciation of my daily deeds. Really? Oh Lord, I am so confused!

Oh my dear soul, please help. Give me a way. Make me understand the real factors lying beneath my unsolved queries. Let me know where I am stuck!

Waiting in anticipation.

Yours truly

A Wandering Mind

Strong strings of affection, attachment and admiration. BUT?!?!?!

Isn’t it really scary to get close to anyone these days? Do you find it discouraging to get attached / intimate to people? Do you think people who really matter to you are TOO busy for you?
Well, I am not talking about immediate family here. There is a different equilibrium attached to those relations. I am directly referring to those with whom you have built special ties in these years; it could be your friends, cousins, dear colleagues or even real confidants. Though we do have our own share of ‘real close people’ in our life, to whom we can pour our heart out, to whom we can genuinely talk whatever we want, to whom we can simply relate, BUT at times they do stay away from us. I am not doubting the relation, the affinity is just so real. The association is much beyond love, it has a strong string of mutual attachment, affection and admiration. Pure, Authentic, Untouched! And m glad that I have one!

Even though you know that they are the best people you can have, they don’t seem to be around when you really want them. Why?? I know it is contradictory, confusing and confounding as I am referring to ‘best people’ and they still dont seem to be ‘Always There’.

It is not that they dont


to be there or they aren’t bothered, BUT there seems to be some kind of vaccum somewhere

in relationships. What is it?

It might seem that I am venting my heart out on this platform, BUT I know that I am not alone. There would be times when you reach your people you really want to, but they are explicitly away from you. Let me not blame those reasons like distance, assumptions or busy schedules.

BUT honestly, when you just need that someone it becomes sooooooo difficult to communicate and be in touch on regular basis. You try for the longest time, BUT after repeated attempts you come back at Square One.

And it hurts. Genuinely hurts!

Yes, there are chances that are fervently busy, BUT they are essential at that particular time. Again it doesn’t mean that they are required in the time of distress, they are just needed to be around. But why there is lack time… always? Why they are not available?

You are fond of them, value them and share a deep bond. BUT Occasionally I wonder if I am being unreasonable! Shall I take a step aback? Am I pushing too much? And most importantly am I making a fool out of myself.

At the other end of the shore, I know that my pal is not avoiding or ignoring me, he/she just can’t be around whenever I want to. BUT do they understand underlying feeling about the entire episode? What would they feel if they experience the same phase?

Why does this happen? Why is it so disheartening?

Well, I am not very sure about what the real fact is, BUT!! May be somewhere we get overwhelmed by the relationships/friendships we have, bonds we share, harmony we enjoy. May be somewhere down the line, we start taking things for granted. May be somewhere we feel that these ties are set according to our mental sequence as the rapport is so pristine.

In addition to the above, I also feel that our unassumingly frenzied, hectic and chaotic life has taken over totality. We as humans are so overburdened with life at the expense of relations which matter the most.

However I am not totally convinced! On one hand we boast that the bond is so real, genuine and strong, and on the other hand we can’t make time for it! Am I asking too much? Are my expectations exceeding reality? Or are my relationships camouflaged? Oops! That’s mystifying!

Hope I get the answer someday! In the meanwhile, let me get hooked to my pal through What’s app. ‘Hey Hi. What’s up?’

Let’s see how far the conversation goes…

Tube Travels

Oops! Oops! Oops! Battery low!!

My quick reaction when I saw that there is only 12% battery alive in my mobile and I had one more hour journey left to reach home. So for once instead of digging my head in my mobile and scrolling down my screen to check who said / did what on various social media channels, I thought of keeping mobile back in my handbag and spending my journey idle in London underground Piccadilly Line in the evening busy hours.

In a couple of minutes, my eyes started wandering around in the crowded train. As usual, almost everyone was busy in their own world; either they were listening music, reading books or browsing their mobiles. Seldom I spotted people talking or just relaxing in the present moment.

A few minutes passed and just out of boredom or vague random interest, I kinda started glaring my fellow the passengers. It was a different view altogether! A lady was prepping herself with layers of makeup for an evening do (I guess). Oh, I really liked her shimmery mauve eye shadow. At the end of carriage, a cheerful family had all their bags ready to get down at Kings Cross. Wow, they seemed so excited for their holiday!! And I saw a husband gently taking care of his pregnant wife. How sweet that sight was!

For a change I was enjoying my train ride in a discrete way. Though I was not talking or interacting with any of the passengers, I felt a faint human connect with them. I sensed that I am so engulfed in my very own woven web, engaged in MY activities and so hooked to my whereabouts, that I am missing out particularly in small yet meaningful brief experiences.

Every day I travel on this train and every day I browse net for random reasons but I miss out so much that’s is happening IN THE MOMENT! The experiences may not be note-worthy, but they are dense enough to be captured in our minds. Isn’t it ? Seeing a family excited for an upcoming holiday, appreciating those blissful eye shadows and viewing a sweet loving couple, not just added something to take home, but simply made me smile! Oh yes, not to forget! While my eyes were roving in the tube carriage, I was also caught by two different passengers who gave me creepy looks wondering why I am gazing them / people in a meaningless way. Oops! May be I was expected to mind my own business!

Well, these experiences left me thinking on a different note not knowing what exactly they were. But aren’t we aimlessly wandering in our own life vacuum that we are simply not bothered to look out intending to enjoy the different facets of people rather than reasoning things and simply acknowledging them? Phew! That one hour journey gave me much compared to the updates on Facebook or What’s app. Simple components of fellow passengers and a bunch cluttered thoughts to ponder on while walking to my back home!

Thank you my 12% Battery! Wish to see you next time!

I Wander Why!

I am somewhere these days! My interest in this synthetic world is fleeing in void.  My inclination floats every second and my restless mind is always in search for something. I do try to focus in the present moment but my thoughts flutter from every corner to an unreachable extent. I am definitely not in this world, not even in my world. I am living somewhere. My psyche travels to different spheres aiming to experience realms of imaginary contentment. And I don’t know why?

Lost in the humdrum of activities, I wonder where my undefined explorations are leading me to. What am I looking for? Am I waiting for that flower to blossom or I just want to stay fine by enjoying the smell of fresh grass? Do I want rains or do I want to glow in the sunshine? Do I want to work myself to be attractive or whip myself in solitude?  Do I want to dance in high spirits or hide my insecurities from the maddening crowd?  What is it? What do I want? What to do? I am still figuring it out.
Nothing excites me, I am in the hunt of something new, unexplored and raw. I feel to reach those horizons where there is relatively unrefined emotions. That world, where you are far from judgments, inhibitions and apprehensions. Actually, for past many days, I feel that world is just over occupied, overwhelmed and over enthusiastic with the artificial environment. Everything looks camouflaged and is rumbled up in fabricated territory. My mind is scouting something which is natural, untouched but not less than ordinary. Something original, earthy and real.
My explorations have started and in the course of my journey, I am eager solve those blocks which are disturbing my views to know my own conflicts, ideas and unknown visions…
The Odyssey is on… I am waiting to tour those routes… And waiting to pen those roads…

Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set

I am back here with another review.


Today I will be reviewing Eco Tools The Lovely Looks Five Piece Brush Set – a perfect set for all makeup brushes. Be it highlights, concealing, eye shadows, blushes or bronzing, we need good brushes to finish our look. Choose any shade, stroke or any occasion, our makeup kits are never complete without cosmetics and its brushes. Whichever product I purchase, I silently look for an option to take it along wherever I travel. And here it is, this cute, little and petite brushes are off to go with me any time. Read on to find more.

Eco 4

Well, I haven’t purchased make up brushes earlier apart from a powder brush and so I have chosen this as It looks good for beginners. There were so many options in my local drugstore that it made me confused and I returned without purchasing any. The next day, I visited again and I happen to spot the Eco Tools brush collection and I really liked this one. Among all, this brand provided the best bunch of makeup brushes in one slot. Since Eco Tools are quite known for its quality, I was instantly attracted and I readily purchased.


The brushes are made with soft cruelty-free bristles beautifully embellished with stunning blue hues bamboo handles. The brush set comprises of 5 makeup brushes –

  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eye Shadow Brush (Easily be used as a concealer brush)
  • Flat Eyeliner

 Eco 3

Wrapping –


The brushes are neatly packed in a mustard yellow box which is made of EVA material. It basically opens like a book revealing fixed and fit makeup brushes. The backside of the set gives a breakdown of each brush with detailed description. The adjacent side of the brushes provides a quick guideline about day and night makeup.


Price – £11.99


So, how are these –


This is a splendid chic set of makeup brushes and makes it easy to settle in my makeup bag!  These brushes are very soft, dense and very useful. Though they are small in size, they are ideal to apply makeup; however, for many of you, the larger three of the five brushes (powder, foundation and concealer) may not be fine as they are not the ideal size for their intended purposes. But, my tiny hands didn’t complain at all. These brushes will work together to perfect the final look with cream, liquid or powder makeup.

Eco 1

For the better health and hygiene of the brushes, it’s better to wash them once in a week (if you use them daily); simply run the bristles under warm running water and wash with a gentle shampoo or a conditioner avoiding ferrules and handles. Use a cloth to absorb excess water and let it dry.


Here is the quick analysis of all the brushes –


Foundation Brush –

The bristles are pointed-tip for precise coverage for the use of foundation. I use this for highlighting purposes and since I don’t use foundation, I use this brush for applying BB or CC cream, and it certainly works well;

Eye shadow Brush –

The tiny tapered bristles of eye shadow brush are sleek and perfect to apply and blend eye shadows. Now, the good part is this can be conveniently used as a concealer brush which is rightly useful for liquid concealer.

Flat Eyeliner Brush –

Now, this has to be used only when applying thick eyeliner. It will definitely work well when opting for dramatic eye makeup.

Angled brush –

Whoa! This is my favourite part. The angled brush is equipped with duo-fibre and is perfect to sweep the blush as well as to contour. It is so convenient to use; its hassle free, easy and quick! A couple of strokes and you are done!

Powder Brush –

I usually prefer bigger brush for face powder but it’s alright as the quality is excellent and extremely soft to the skin. This brush is designed to give a smooth finish by simply buffing ones face in a circular motion. I have used this for blending my bronzing too, which gave a fine finish.

Eco 2

This is my first brush set and I am delighted with its finest results. Overall, the product is artistically very pleasing. This set is definitely recommended for beginners and is of great value for money.


So overall, good value for money! These brushes work together to give a perfect look for the shutter bugs suiting mineral, liquid and powder makeup.


NYC 5 in 1 Instant Matte BB Cream Review

I love BB creams or should I say BB creams are a big rescue as I am not that fond of foundations! Well, I really like a light and thin coverage over my face providing a simple and natural look. Since the outset of BB creams, I am glued to them totally! Foundations can wait for parties but BB creams are here to stay for a regular routine. I have used Maybelline and Rimmel in the past and when I saw NYC in Superdrug store, I really wanted to try out.

Pic 1 (1)NYC (New York Colour) offers almost all trendy products at all reasonable prices. Initially, I was confused with this brand thinking that it’s from NYX. But no, this is completely a different brand from New York. Out of curiosity I thought of purchasing a couple of new products as there are all fairly priced.

I am a medium tone with oily skin and I prefer BB creams for my office days. I tried NYC 5 in 1 BB Crème from a tester and the medium shade well matched my skin tone. This BB crème comes in two shades – Light and Medium and here is the review of the medium shade.

Pic 2 (2)

Details of the product –

This 5-in-1 product gives you flawless finish; Erase skin imperfections and make your skin look real for up to 14 hours. NYC wants you to look and feel more beautiful. NYC knows that you feel more confident when you look your best. NYC understands you need beauty products that work with your busy lifestyle. NYC respects you and the choices you make in life and in beauty.

Price – £3.99 for 30 ml

Pic 5 (1)

Usage –

Start by squeezing a small amount of BB Crème on the back of your hand. Apply a few dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks, and chin. Using your index and middle finger, gently pat the cream into your skin. (Though I like to use with a sponge)

Pic 4

My experience –

I purchased this BB crème just for a single reason that it is a matte BB cream, which is ideal for my oily skin. This BB crème comes in a light brown chocolaty shade completely suiting my skin tone and has a very nice light consistency. I applied this crème after a moisturiser and it instantly absorbed into my skin.  I usually apply with a sponge and it properly evens my skin tone in a jiffy.

The advantage of this BB crème is its fine thin texture. It is quite light and you need not rub it hard to get immersed in to the skin. I personally liked its anti-shine property as it prevents my skin to appear oily and ultimately brightens the skin tone. Thankfully I don’t have any blemishes but as it’s oily skin, I need to take care of my skin against appearance of my pores.

Pic 6

But here is the catch! This does decrease the appearance of my pores but after a few hours, I noticed that this crème unmasked my pores, which looks unpleasant! Though it softens the skin tone, provides a nice, plain and neat coverage, it doesn’t hold for more than 5-6 hours. I need to be quite careful in the evening and a touch up during tea break becomes a routine for me. It doesn’t completely reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.

All said and done, this is an average BB crème available in the market at quite reasonable price. I bought it from Superdrug a few months ago, and now the store has discontinued its stall. The product is easily available online however I would rather prefer Maybelline, Loreal than this one L



Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream

So, as I mentioned in the last post that how much I love make-up, I thought why not start writing my experiences with the products I generally use. I love indulging into cosmetics, bath and both products, fragrances…basically everything! Well, which girl doesn’t like that? They are simply the best and the quickest solution to bring out a lovely smile in you! And with the advent of plethora of brands in this industry, a make-up junkie would love to binge on them and experiment their products. (Yes, I am talking about me :-)) Oh, the feeling of trying different shades, fragrances and textures is so appealing! I love it! Oh, its so wonderful!


Yes, there are so many new brands available to us, but to start with, I am here with the most popular, common and available brand – Nivea. Be it a body lotion, moisturiser, cleaning wipes or anything, I like Nivea products. I have always loved this brand for its gentleness to the skin. This time I have purchased a moisturising cream and as usual I am not disappointed at all. I have an oily skin and I usually see products which are formulated for combination skin. I have purchased a few creams in Normal / Combination range which were quiet effective but this time I bought Nivea Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream which is made especially for oily / combination skin. Nivea has introduced many good products under its umbrella ‘Daily Essentials’ – Primer, scrubs, BB Cream, Tinted moisturiser, cleansing milk and many others and I really like all the products.


It is suitable for sensitive skin; it is dermatologically approved and works for the skin to stay moisturised, hydrated and nourished. The cream comes in a 50 ml tube and it has an extremely soft and light consistency.

 Price – £3.99 for 50 ml

So, how is it on the skin? I have been using this cream for past 2 months and I am extremely satisfied by its results. It keeps the skin super hydrated, soft and smooth. The first thing which I always compliment about Nivea is the fragrance, and obviously it stands true for this cream as well. It is little overwhelming and lingers for quite some time. And what’s more, just a tiny amount is required to absorb deeply into the skin and leaves your face supple, clean and moisturised.


This cream gives a lovely matte finish (which usually oily skin folks want). This is not sticky, heavy or thick to the skin and leaves no residue or extra shine. This gives a nice surface before applying makeup. The light formulation hydrates the skin without clogging pores. It helps to gives good amount of freshness to enrich skin giving a naturally healthy glow and the mild formula of aloe vera and argan oil provides wonderful skin caring properties.


The slight downside is it remains fine for long hours but then the skin turns so oily! It’s little greasy and obviously it develops a thin oily surface over the skin. So, I usually mixed this cream along with BB cream and it turned out to be fine all day. Oh, yes it also works well if you apply this cream after primer.


Overall, this is the perfect cream for all oily skin beauties.












A blank page, a few random thoughts and a break!

So I am here after many months. It’s been a long time that I have not written anything. Err! Actually it’s been a long time that I have not posted anything! There have been several episodes with my solitude when I jotted and scribbled my thoughts, my days and my life. But, nothing has taken any form, been filtered or was framed to be read! Reason? Though, writing is one of my biggest interests, today I am left with a blank page, an empty mind with slow flashes of a few random thoughts and that are it!

Somewhere, sometime or someday, I think this would have happened to you as well. Isn’t it! You dwell in your thoughts, you do or you don’t have a plan and you really want to take one step further, but you don’t know where to start or perhaps how to proceed. It could be as simple as reviving your daily mundane or a compound issue like balancing your work life balance. Basically, your mind gets jaded, or cluttered or dimmed. Suddenly, you are stuck somewhere and don’t feel any association between you and nature. Then, what do you do?

The best thing which usually works is taking a break and engaging your moods in relaxing activities. No, I am not referring to any expensive spa treat, social activities or a holiday, but simple, subtle and short breaks which add a little zing or spunk in your routine life. Talking about that, I thought of jotting down the list of trouble-free activities which gives my myriad pleasure, relaxation and calmness –

  1. Writing – Yes, this post started with writing issues and I am here again. But, believe me, like all of you writing is the best thing for me to unwind! It is a wonderful feeling to express yourself, be comfortable and just BE YOU! Oh, that is so relieving and soothing to my senses. Be it a hobby, an interest or fondness, it’s so elevating to indulge in writing at any point.
  2. Music – I am sure that this is the most common recreational activity for anyone. Many refer music to just ‘pass time’ or hobby or liking, however music works the best. Whenever my decision making process slows down, I take a short break, listen to good music, loosen up a little and hit back. It could as sweet as humming to 1970s slow songs or swaying to the latest disco hits. By the way, for me singing and dancing also comes with the package!
  3. Movies – A tired routine, a tough task or a boring day; what could be a simple way to chill out than watching movies? I love the fact that cinema has a marvellous capacity to transfer you to a different unknown world in a jiffy. It makes you travel through different emotions, humours and realms of life. I am a big fan of movies not just because it provides entertainment, but it allows you to take a back seat, slow down and enjoy the moments. Again ‘by the way’, Bollywood works for me! Beyond all that drama, frills and fancies, and ‘naach-gaana’, I enjoy this little joy in my life.
  4. Foooood – Yes, I love food! Hmm, a few from the lot would have started imagining me a heavy bod munching chips and chocolates while writing this piece. Nah! I am a budding gourmand and I love to experiment with different varieties from different cuisines. Food is a wonderful outlet to beat the stress; either it’s cooking, hunting food recipes or relishing them, I love to indulge in heavenly delicacies. A vegetarian by birth, by choice and by love, I love spending my time savouring varieties of tastes, flavours and smells.
  5. Makeup – Yes, this is the loveliest part of being woman! Lipsticks, Eye shadows, Blushes, Bronzers, Nail Paints… Ooh La La! It’s such a simple thing to pat your tempers into makeup, but it makes a big difference in the routine. An extra stroke of mascara, an added shade of lip gloss or a surplus layer of foundation will add new colours to your schedule. I am sure all the makeup junkies will agree with me.

So, give it a break, clear your mind, loosen yourself, smile and get back!

Anyway, this is my list; would be great to know what works for you?



Everyone is different. Why do we judge all the time?

So, the autumn is here and London has bid a long bye to the sunshine. While we have brushed away those cottons, sunny colours and pastel patterns, it’s the time to enjoy those cold nights, short days and hot food. Commenting on the weather, one of my friends posted on FB, ‘Finally the long summer has gone! 30 degrees! Sunstrokes! Bad Tan! Arghh! Bye Summer, hope to see you pretty late next year!’ Among many comments on the post; one comment from an Indian friend caught my attention – ‘’Oh really! 30 degrees is too hot for you! You are so fragile honey! I live in India, and we are so comfortable in this tropical climate even at 45 degrees, and not just for the one day but the entire season. Get a life and don’t be so flimsy.’’

As usual, the arguments began and there was no end to the long conversions. I read them through and ignored it but after a while, when I was out and experiencing the crisp and cold air, I started thinking about the entire episode again. That friend has never been to London and he has no idea about how UK climate works. He has no clue about  winters being extremely chilly than any tropical country. He doesn’t know that experiencing frosty climate is a normal routine which is actually a big deal in his country.

many different colorful people icons - vector illustration

So? Basically he commented on something which is not his territory. He was being too condemnatory about people fainting over 34 degrees in UK. Honestly, was his judgement right, fair and true? When my mind reacted to this, I remembered about my co-worker gossiping about my friend (above 50) how careless, uninterrupted and extremely social she is. Being a gym fanatic, she is the fittest, slimmest and yummiest among us. Commenting on her stay free life she started blathering about her lifestyle, her attitude and her insensitive approach towards life. Why? Was my friend jealous? Was she being too judgemental without knowing the reality? Or was she actually bitter by nature?

Sadly, she didn’t know that my colleague had a miscarriage 25 years ago and failed to bare children there after! To overcome her depression, pain and misery in life, she actively started concentrating her life in other areas – socialising, fitness, travelling and so on just to forget or ignore that bad phase! When my friend confronted the fact, obviously she realised her own insolence and regretted her attitude.

So, basically, judging people without knowing what the actual situation is so unwarranted! Honestly, you and I would not have complete idea of what is happening in one’s life.


So, end of the article now? Enough of thoughts, knowledge and understanding on the subject!

Perhaps, you would be thinking how reasonable I am about umpiring circumstances and society. But no, I have honestly learnt so much because of my own experiences. Not that I am purely non judgemental or I am not bothered about others’ lives, my thoughts changed after observing my wrong judgements and how hastily I judged people.

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In my last organisation, I met a colleague who was extremely loud, impatient and brash. Honestly, I never liked him nor I wanted to work with him. As always, I ignored him as much as I could. But then, I had to share a project with him for 6 months. While working with him, I started knowing him better, understanding his views and considering his approach. And I proudly say that I was so wrong! I was too soon to judge him based on his outward behaviour, but as I mingled with him on a regular basis, I got to know how fair-minded, outspoken and original he is. He may be a little hard to understand initially but he lives on his principles and is much more real than those people who were ‘Oh, I am so good’ masks all the time.

He has taught me so much about life. Everyone has a story, you can’t know a person by just reading a single page! Generally, we get into conclusion quickly without analysing much about the entire situation. As human beings, it is so natural to scrutinise, question and be very subjective on given times. But we forget that the circumstances are not equal for everyone. Everyone has their own state of affairs, thoughts and opinions!  Whatever it is, I think so we should give us and the other person good amount of time, space and value to come out and parade its true nature! That reality to accept the situation will be easy to comprehend, realize and understand than being so critical about it!

And then, the world and its nature will be a better place to love, smile and live.

Oh Maggi! Your yellow curly saucy thin threads are going to be missed!

Oh My Dear Maggi!

So, after more than 30 years of strong friendship with India, the ‘Bas Do Minute’ saga is crashing down! Isn’t it sad for the entire nation who has actually grown enjoying and slurping their favourite snack for ages! Yes, it is.  For all that I know, this is errr.. I mean was the only one food item which was common across varied Indian cuisines; this basically bridged the gap between several cultures of a diversified country like India. And, you are now laying there in your Nestle factories, units and outlets to be destroyed! More than you, WE your fellow loyal customers are feeling sorry about the whole fiasco!

maggi-noodlesMy first cooked meal was you! My first experiment in kitchen was you and my first food ‘amusement’ was you! I was a toddler when I starting enjoying you. I have a vague memory of my childhood days when your popularity was increasing in a rapid pace. There was only one ‘original masala’ flavour available in markets and the grocery list was never complete without Maggi packets. Not that my mom is a lazy mother or I was a finicky child, but during those times (early 1990s), this was the only ‘novel’ and ‘readymade’ food item available.

My partner in all crimes, my younger sister then joined my Maggi Team! No matter what the occasion be, the joy of having you in our food plates was delightful. A lazy Sunday evening or a rainy day! Watching a good movie on DD or enjoying our vacations! A quick midnight snack or a hurried meal! You were always there with you and we found you everywhere! Even when we were exhausted while exploring remote places in Uttar Pradesh, you brought a smile back when we saw you at a small eatery. I haven’t been in hostel, but I was quite surprised to see when the teenagers relished you in Pune and Bangalore, be it their PG house or a city mall. And not just in India, I was overwhelmed when I saw you in all the Indian Asian shops in UK! From Vizag to Varanasi! From London to Ludhiana! From Coimbatore to Kashmir! You were always adorned by a huge chunk of people, varying from toddlers, collegians to corporate and honestly everyone!


Forever, you were the most pocket friendly quick nosh. Though the different flavours you came wrapped in didn’t get popular, but trying at least once was essential! And even if we loved your original masala flavour, we loved to experiment with our unique way. You made my menu little innovative and interesting  – adding Chinese sauces or tossing a dash of Italian herbs or blending a desi twist – Maggi Samosa, pakodas and many others! Oh My God! For Indians who usually eat with hands, you were the first one to teach me (at least for me) to eat with a fork!


Oh, the experiences and odysseys are endless! And now I feel so bad that you are not here with us. If the reports have some mass, we were consuming excess lead and MSG for several years! You would be flooded with huge amount of letters these days’; a few complaints, a few consolations and a few queries. Well, I just have one question for you. Why? Why did you cheat your most loyal customers? Why did you deceive that nation which acknowledge you with open arms? Why were you harming those kids who were your main audience and revenue churners? Those yellow curly saucy thin threads are going to be missed!

nestles-maggi-instant-noodlesAt present, you, me and everyone is perplexed because of the noodle disaster and we are patiently waiting for your next substantial move. Will you discontinue your products in India? Will you revamp your productions and come with a ‘really’ healthy product? Or will you fight and declare that the current production is safe to eat?

We are waiting!

From your forever loyal patron!

Life is a Fusion Buffet…A few seasons and episodes on the platter…

Life always offers a blend of varied piece of everything in assorted portions at different junctions – opportunities and hope, success and failure, situations and issues, laughter and happiness, courage and confidence, dark moments and blues and much more in abundance…

As we walk along our life counter, we get more exposed to different flavours, spices and ensigns on our pathway – we either relish, accept or overlook the spread which sooner or later, directly or indirectly carve our odyssey of our life explorations and craft our map.


So, basically what our existence crave on? What is it all about? What does our lifespan imply? Basically, it’s a huge melange banquet of various cuisines of experiences sprawled all over. It’s a gigantic assembly of different savours embellishing our world. It’s a big bang fusion.

It’s a special buffet treat served to us at all points with different aroma, textures, tastes and arrangements…

  • at times its available in surplus and we can’t comprehend how to maximise the experience suitably
  • Once in a while it surprises with its simple yet fine cookeries, diverse tools and cutlery or  unknown palate
  • And of course not to forget, many a times it disappoints us with its poor quality tastes

Our journeys be it hot or cold, sweet or sour, raw or cooked, the quality of every expedition and appetite of our hopes and dreams depends on not what it offers but purely what we choose, how much we take and when and where we custom – eat, relish, nibble, overeat, feast or just diet!

Simple! And that is our creation all about… It attempts to bring out and fusion about different facets of our being…. And the best way is to enjoy every piece of serving – learn, appreciate, smile and move on…